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Shawqi Salamah

Whether you are a brand new planter with a dream to change the world or a seasoned ministry veteran with decades of experience, these posts from zezo , will help you articulate what you've always felt deep within you.

in zezo , Our blog takes the message from the weekend and lays out next right steps, so you can hear a message and do a message in practical ways.

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The beginning of the year is often a time of deep reflection. Our hope is that your thoughts are not only directed toward your resolutions but also about more profound existential questions. Zezo Jobs will help you get there: our first two months of sermons are entirely directed toward the subject of purpose!


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Every day I wake up with a very thankful heart. I fold my hands and say a prayer, the perfect way to start , with Zezo , we will start post your resume every day.

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Zezo Ejobs


Zezo Ejobs